It is always frustrating to buy train tickets or for an important flight you must be on, only to later find out you could have paid less. Usually the possibility of a discount appears on a different website than the one you just used. Of course, most of the times finding out you could have bought the same seat for less comes a little too late to be able to ask for your money back or other form of compensation.
Momondo is a good website to use when you want to make sure that you’re getting the lowest priced tickets. To find the best airway rates you have to use the search option that has more fields. Feel free to choose your departure city, your destination, the dates when you want to fly, whether you want a round trip or not, the class seats, and the number of passengers. You can select more adults and more children, depending on how many other people you travel with. The search results can include near-by airports too, should the airway company not fly to the main ones. As a bonus feature, you also have the option to check out the price for tickets for non-stop flights.

The Momondo website can also show you the cheapest hotels at your destination or the cheapest car rentals available. You can choose to see the hotels in a city or a region, depending on how much you want or need to walk or drive. This option is useful for those who don’t mind commuting or are traveling to a familiar place. Additionally, those who want to see more stuff or pay less might also be interested in this option.

Another useful feature this website offers is the one allowing you to find out where in the world can you travel based on how much money you have. For this option, the site auto selects your country’s currency and English as default language and all you have to do is to input the amount of money you want to spend. Most likely this budget includes only transportation and the hotel. You can narrow the options down to beaches, mountains, cities, based on your preferences.

One other feature that is not seen everywhere is the possibility of renting a vacation house found in one of the 82 countries listed. Renting a place for your holiday means you can pay almost half of what you would pay by staying at a hotel. This option is great for those who travel with their kids or whole family as they would need more privacy. Renting a vacation house also offers the possibility of seeing how the locals live their lives or ensuring you don’t break any hotel or resort policy by bringing the kids. The inspiration section of the site has useful information for those who have a hard time deciding where to go for a holiday. This option also offers information related to the nightlife and activities that can be enjoyed at your destination, and other interesting ideas to try out.