Virgin Airlines

Virgin Airlines are becoming more, and more popular each year, especially with business travelers. With, so many to choose from we thought we would list 10 reasons we should fly with Virgin Airlines. Read on to see if Virgin Airlines appeal to your travel needs, or check their website out once you’ve read our 10 reasons.

Our first reason we should fly with Virgin Airlines is the Cabins. There are three types on offer, the main cabin where you will feel the comfort in sleek black leather seats, next you have the main cabin select, which has six additional inches of leg room, and then there is first class. Now, the first class cabins give you almost an extra two feet of leg room allowing you to stretch out all the way, so take that into consideration if this is something you would prefer.

Second reason for using Virgin Airlines is TSA Pre. This is a unique program that allows low risk frequent travelers to apply for expedited screening in the US. Basically, TSA allows you to get through screening, and security without removing shoes, 3-1-1 compliant carry-on bags, laptops, belts, and light outer jackets allowing you to get to your destination quicker. That said, we still would recommend that you check the site for in depth details.

The third reason is Virgin’s seat to seat delivery and chats. The touch screen system allows you to send drinks, meals, or snacks to another seat, which could be an excellent way to break the ice. In addition, you could always use the chat feature to talk with colleagues in another row, mingle in a chat room, or flirt with someone you noticed when boarding, it’s all good fun.

Fourth on our list for Virgin Airlines are entertainment with a touch. Moreover, the Red is the in-flight entertainment system where you can enjoy newly released movies at the touch of a button. That said, other options are music videos, selecting songs from their music library, or you can even play games.

Our fifth reason for flying with Virgin Airlines is connectivity. Every flight with Virgin has Wi-Fi Internet allowing you to stay connected even when in the air. There is also standard, and USB plugs in every seat, so you can keep all your gadgets charged up ready to go when landing.

Sixth reason we should fly Virgin Airlines is the food and drinks. Furthermore, the meals are offered on flights over two hours, and there are some good choices, like the winter roasted chicken salad, or chicken BLT salad. Additionally, there are plenty of drinks to choose from too, from wine, Jack Daniel’s, Irish Bailey’s Cream, cocktails, and for the lighter side, honey tea drinks or chamomile and many more.

The seventh reason for flying Virgin Airlines is you can open a tab. If, you want to have some snacks, and drink while watching your favorite movie, all you have to do is hit ‘open tab’ to order as much as you want, then just close your tab when you’re done. Nevertheless, this is a great feature if your busy working, or watching TV as you won’t have to spend time trying to attract the attention of a steward.

Eighth reason for using Virgin Airlines is their Corporate programs. Having said that, the so called ‘your corner office in the sky’ with a blend of low fares, first-class service as well as innovative amenities have attracted more and more yearly. The company has been consistently voted “Best Domestic Airline” since they started hitting the runway.

Our ninth reason we should fly Virgin Airways is Elevate Inc. The Elevate Inc. is a rewards program, whereby you can receive 3% back in reward dollars that you can spend on Virgin travel. This rewards program is more beneficial if you’re a frequent flyer, or business that spends at least $20,000 yearly in travel.

The tenth reason to travel with Virgin Airlines is groups and meetings. Whether you’re a party of 10, or a whole group heading to a convention give Virgin your details, and they will get you off the ground. In addition, if you’ve got a wedding, or large meeting with people coming from all over the world, give Virgin a call, and you may get a discount for each traveler in your party.

Virgin Airlines has certainly grown in popularity, and they are keeping up with the times. Furthermore, their fresh professional approach, and relaxing atmosphere makes them a definite choice for frequent flyers or business men and women. On that final note, we hope our list has shown you that Virgin is worth a look, and their website is user friendly too.