When you’re in the mood for a vacation, read the 5 reasons to visit Bangkok. The city is colorful and an exotic destination for anyone who enjoys traveling.

Visit the temples
Bangkok is famous for its Buddhist temples. Since most locals practice this religion, it does not come as a surprise. The constructions have a decorative and stylish design that you will love seeing during your trip to Bangkok. Consider visiting some of the city’s most beautiful temples like Wat Chanasongkram and Phra Kaew.

Enjoy the nightlife
There is nothing quite like a night out in Bangkok, and the city’s electric bars and nightclubs are a must see. You have many choices as a tourists, so spend a night out dancing and check out the music performances here. You will get a taste of partying like a local and perhaps even mingle with the club-goers.

Go to the museums
Thailand’s museums are unique and offer some insight into the country’s history. If you take some hours off your day to tour a museum, you will probably not regret it. Go to the Bangkok National Museum in order to see local art, and then stop by the Madame Tussauds Bangkok or the Bangkok Forensic Museum.

Thai cuisine
You most likely ordered Thai food at least once, but now you can experience it first hand. Bangkok is full of restaurants and street markets where you can eat as much as you want. The prices are also on the affordable side, so pick a restaurant you like and find your new favorite dish.

Check out the markets
The markets in Bangkok will enable you to mingle with the locals, learn more about their lifestyle and of course, buy souvenirs. The city has any type of market you can think of, including night markets if the shopping urge strikes at night. Remember to visit the weekend markets too, for a chance to buy clothing and fresh produce.