Holiday Village

Read on for the top 10 reasons to visit Holiday Village in Benalmadena. The casual but upscale hotel offers all the needed facilities and activities you could need to make your vacation successful.

Food and drink
It doesn’t matter if you want to eat in a casual setting or a glamorous one, Holiday Village has something for everyone. You can have a meal in a casual or expensive restaurant, depending on what you like. Go to Don Genaro in order to experience Italian cuisine and to the American Diner if you are in the mood for a juicy burger.

Health and beauty
If you want to feel beautiful for an upcoming party, the Spa is the place to go. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial or a scalp massage, or maybe let the makeup artists give you a makeover. The Spa also includes water fountains and jacuzzis you can relax in.

The rooms at Holiday Village
The hotel offers over 300 rooms, including junior suites and deluxe suites. All the rooms are properly equipped with the most modern facilities and include terraces. If you want to have a guest over, you should know that some of the suites include sofas as well.

All inclusive packages
If you want to benefit from an all inclusive vacation, choose one of the available packages. The hotel offers diverse packages for the entire family and even romantic couples. These packages include a breakfast buffet but also lunch and dinner, as well as varied activities.

Play sports
It doesn’t matter what is your favorite sport, you get the chance to practice it at the Holiday Village. The resort features a tennis court where classes are available, and the 10 euro fee is affordable to anyone interested in this sport.

Play watersports
The hotel is located by the sea, so take the time to enjoy some of your favorite watersports. You can scuba dive and play beach volleyball, and maybe even go fishing.

The fitness room
The hotel’s fitness room features all the equipment you need for a full body workout. You can do some strength training, but also cardio exercises. In addition to that, you should visit the sauna room as well.

Conferences and meetings
Meetings can be more pleasurable at the Holiday Village. The hotel offers meeting rooms for any kind of event, and a catering menu will be put at your disposal.

Visit the region
If you always wanted to see Costa Del Sol, take the time to explore everything that Benalmadena has to offer. You can sit down and enjoy a coffee at one of the cafes placed along the way, or maybe do some shopping. The stores are packed with souvenirs related to the area, as well as antiques and beachwear.

Visit the beach
Holiday Village is situated only a short walk from the beach, and this gives you the opportunity to go there every day. The clear crystal waters and white sand make for the perfect location on your summer vacation.