Istanbul – Turkey –

Read on for the 5 reasons to visit Istanbul, a great city in Turkey.

Take a Turkish bath
You can’t really say you experienced everything that Istanbul has to offer until you visit a Turkish bath. You may have a hard time deciding which one to choose, as there are over 200 of these all over the city. Listen to the local’s opinion and enjoy an hour or 2 relaxing and watching the great architecture.

Amazing food
Istanbul is well known for its delicious food, so don’t live the city until you tried at least a few different specialties. Choose from the numerous Turkish delight choices, refresh yourself with a cold yogurt specialty and try a traditional fish sandwich at a food market. No matter what you choose, the selection will not disappoint you.

Have a fun night out
The city is packed with bars and nightclubs, so check out the hotspots and enjoy making some new friends. Istanbul’s electric nightlife draws many visitors from all over the world. Spend some time in the Beyoğlu district and visit Mojo bar if you a rock fan, or Babylon if you love jazz music. When the night is over head over to 360 for some food and refreshments.

Go on a shopping spree
Istanbul is a perfect city for a shopping trip, so take a few hours off your day to browse through the stores and purchase a few gifts. You will be able to quickly locate street vendors, large shopping malls and designer boutiques along the way.

Visit the ancient buildings
If you want to get a taste of how life used to be here centuries ago, Istanbul is the best place to be. Visit places such as the blue Mosque or take a tour of the amazing Topkapoi Palace, in order to make some amazing memories.