Siem Reap

Here are the main five reasons to visit Siem Reap, a fabulous destination in Cambodia.

The low prices
There are many things you can do and see on Siem Reap for much cheaper than any other city. This will allow you to enjoy your vacation at its fullest, and perhaps splurge a little on luxury items you wouldn’t otherwise afford. Try a massage that will rejuvenate your senses, and eat out at one of the restaurants in the city.

Go on a shopping trip
Siem Reap is packed with shops, and souvenirs will not be hard to find here. You can get luxurious clothing pieces for very cheap, and maybe come back with an unique item you would not find anywhere else. In addition to that, don’t forget to check out the numerous malls spread all over the city.

Enjoy the city’s cuisine
Siem Reap has a specific style that is somewhat reminiscent of French cuisine. If you enjoy good food in a casual atmosphere, try some delicious Khmer curry or get a taste of the famous fish amok. The city is full of food stalls that serve amazing food for a very reasonable price, but don’t miss on the chance to visit restaurants like Sugar Palm.

Mingle with the locals
Cambodian locals are always up for a chat, and this may give you the chance to experience their culture first hand. Take a walk downtown and make some new friends, visit the nightclubs or ask the hotel staff for the best places to hang out.

Museums and history
Consider getting acquainted with the city’s history by visiting places such as the Landmine Museum. When you are in the mood for something different, go to the Tonle Sap Lake in order to see the floating village. Guided tours are sometimes available, so don’t forget to ask.