How To Stay Comfortable While Flying

Whether you are new to flying or an old pro, it is important to stay comfortable while flying. There are many simple ways to do that, let’s go over some of them. While you are preparing to book your flight keep in mind your seating preference. Long legs, or if you run to the bathroom a lot (like me) then an aisle seat might be best. Although, I do love looking out the window! Also, try to avoid sitting near the bathrooms and the back of the plane. People will be in and out of the bathrooms and the flight attendants will constantly be moving around.

Be prepared with food to bring on the plane. Many carriers no longer offer a meal, even on five plus hour flights. Bring “shelf stable” items such as protein bars, peanut butter crackers or wrapped sandwiches. Also, bring a few bottles of water depending on the length of the flight as it is easy to get dehydrated. Don’t be afraid to ask the flight attendant for extra pop and ice. Before packing your food though, be sure to check with the airlines policy and also the safety policies that are now in place. It would be awful to have to throw away all your food!

Make sure to wear comfortable clothes. You will have long walks at the airport and then will be sitting in the same position for hours on end. Also, sitting waiting to board the plane. If you are like me and can’t tolerate going out in public in your sweats, then find comfortable jeans, or soft slacks that aren’t too tight and allow you to move around. For shoes, make sure they are comfortable. I prefer wearing something I can slip off my feet as my feet tend to swell on flights. Some people prefer to bring a jacket or sweater for when it gets cold inflight.

Make sure to bring something to keep your self-entertained. For me that is a book and a pair of headsets to listen to music. I read more, but sometimes like to tune out the noise with the music. Most phones and tablets also now offer “airplane mode” where you can keep them on and not interfere with the airplane equipment. This way, you can play Candy Crush Saga! Woot!

Another way to stay comfortable is move around periodically. Walk up and down the aisle a moment or do stretches in the seat. Your muscles will be cramped up and uncomfortable from sitting so long and not moving causes circulation issues. Another way to stay physically comfortable is to chew on some gum during takeoff and landing this will help with the pressure in your ears. Many people also like to bring their own travel pillow with them if they plan to sleep. That is more sanitary and comfortable than the in-flight pillows that are provided.

Also, in order to stay comfortable remember the Golden Rule. Even is someone else is being rude or awkward, don’t participate. Remember that you are going to be stuck with the same group of people in a confined space for hours on end. No need to create more drama than needed, actually no drama at all! I have been on flights with crabby people and it just ruins it for everyone else!
Whatever you ways to stay comfortable, be sure to have a good time. Flying can be an enjoyable adventure! Have fun and be safe!