How To Stay Safe When Flying

While you are flying it is very important to stay safe. Let’s go over some ways to stay safe while flying. We will go over some items starting at the airport and also while you are in flight. While in the airport there are ways to keep safe. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, if for some reason speed is necessary you don’t want to trip and fall. Also, you may be going on the automatic walkers and escalators with a lot of other people, you don’t want to fall then either. Make sure to keep an eye on your luggage and carry ons, especially when it is not on your body. Don’t leave it alone while going to the bathroom; you don’t want any unwelcome surprises put in there! While on the luggage subject, airports are an excellent place for thieves to steal. Make sure you use “non-descript” luggage, nothing name brand that indicates that you might have nice stuff. Never, ever set down anything with electronics in it. Mark your luggage with a ribbon or colored tag, this way you can see it if it’s stolen and know that it’s yours.

Also, don’t complain about the wait to get your check in. They do the x-rays etc. for a reason. Annoying as it is, they are doing it to protect you the best they can from terrorism. Unfortunately, this day and age this is something you have to be cautious about. Try to keep things in your pockets and purse to a minimum, ladies try to wear …underthings…that don’t have metal in them or hair clips, this could make your wait longer. Also, be aware of steel toed shoes.

While traveling it is important to stay safe and healthy. There are so many people on the airplane that germs are easily spread. Even with the air purified, germs abound. Watch when washing your hands in the bathroom on the plane, the water is recycled water and can have bad bacteria. Never drink the water out of the sink, bring water with your or call the flight attendant. To prevent germs as much as possible, bring a travel tube of hand sanitizer. I also suggest brining your own pillow and blanket or sweater to stay comfortable. Often the items offered in flight are not washed in between uses.
Another safety topic is to stay hydrated. The airplane has extremely dry, pressurized air which can cause your sinuses, lips and hands to become very dry. Drink plenty of water and bring moisturizers.
If you are traveling to a place that is foreign to you make sure to know local customs and laws. You don’t want to attract negative attention by breaking a law or custom. Make sure to stay in well-lit areas and check travel guides and avoid the dangerous areas. Try not to wear flashy jewelry and keep expensive electronics stowed. Try not to carry to much cash and if you have to keep small bills available to pull out of your wallet. You don’t want to draw the attention of a thief!
Travel can be fun, but be prepared and careful! Have fun and stay safe!