Wyndham Hotel Group

When booking hotels for either business, or pleasure it can be difficult to find the correct hotel at the right destination. With Wyndham Hotel Group, you don’t have that problem because they have hotels anywhere you want to go, or within a short distance. Here we have put together a list of 10 reasons we should book at Wyndham Hotel Group so you can see they are worth looking into.

The first reason we should book at Wyndham Hotel Group is simply because they have the most hotels worldwide, more than anyone else. Now, with over 7,000 locations in the world with twelve brands you’re sure to find a hotel within the destination of your choice. This is one of the reasons many use Wyndham repeatedly.

Second reason for booking with Wyndham is their rewards program. The rewards program is free, and because they have the most hotels in the world, you will earn every time you stay. The best part is rewards can be spent on many things starting at only 250 points; like travel accessories, magazines, music downloads, free nights and more.

The third reason for using Wyndham is their family bed and breakfast package. This is a great package as it includes two adults and two children for the bed and breakfast. This leaves you more spending money to visit local attractions, or dining better with the money you saved from breakfast.

Our fourth reason for booking with Wyndham is savings. If you browse their deals, packages or offers, you can save a bundle, for instance, booking online seven days in advance can net you up to 25% discount, plus get you reward points. They also guarantee the best rate, or you get 10% off.

Our fifth reason is their Crisp Autumn Getaways deals. These are very popular because you get to save even more being off season. Each hotel has its own way for you to save, so it’s better to check when booking. Furthermore, some have 25% off while others offer $25 food, and beverage credit as well as many other types of savings.

The sixth reason is the Wyndham Garden hotels, which are ideal for business trips. Wyndham Garden hotels are all situated in key airport, suburban, and business areas with meeting spaces that can accommodate a whole range of functions. Comfortable guest’s rooms with plenty of amenities, casual dining, and library lounges for socializing or reading.

Now, Travelodge is a well-known brand of Wyndham, and is our seventh reason for using them. For the adventurer, Travelodge is one of the most popular motel and hotel stays, also known for being very affordable. You can save up to 20% if you are an AARP member, and they also give plenty of deals under their organization discounts for large groups, and government or corporate discount programs.

Hawthorn is number eight on our list, because this is mainly for extended stays, by Wyndham. Military discounts are available, or you can save up to 15% by planning ahead and booking early. They have a great program where you lower your rates the longer you stay, and features like spacious rooms, free wi-fi, business services, and pet friendly to name just a few, will make you want to extend your stay.

That said, Microtel Inn, and Suites by Wyndham is our ninth choice reason we should book at Wyndham Hotel Group. The Microtel has organization deals, up to 20% off for AARP members, and many other savings depending on your destination. Destinations are mainly in the United States, but they do have locations in Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines as well.

Our tenth reason for booking at Wyndham Hotel Group is Ramada hotels. The Ramada has some great offers and is very affordable, like a winter ski vacation in Canada, or US starting at just $70. They also have locations in United Kingdom, Mexico, and China.

When searching for a hotel, whether it be for business or pleasure you don’t need to look any further than Wyndham Hotel Group. With more hotels than any other business in the world there will always be a Wyndham hotel in your destination. With plenty of home comforts, amenities, savings and destinations, you really don’t need to look anywhere else.